Many excellent nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles work tirelessly to end homelessness one person or family at a time. These organizations provide housing and services that meet vulnerable people where they are and help put them on a path to housing stability. They need your financial support. We encourage you to volunteer with and give to the organizations that focus on programs and projects that are most important to you.

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Support Our Clients Affected by this Crisis

The coronavirus and the economic downturn are devastating for the communities that Inner City Law Center serves. There are not nearly enough toilets, hydration centers, or handwashing facilities for people to practice the hygiene that could save their lives and help halt the spread of this virus. In addition, many people on the streets are older and have chronic health conditions, making them more likely to become seriously ill if they do contract the virus, and, since they don’t have healthcare, they may delay seeking medical care until too late, if at all.

As we navigate these challenging times, it is even more important than ever that each of us does everything we can for our unhoused and precariously housed neighbors. Because of the current economic climate, thousands are in danger of needing to double or triple up with others or move out of their homes and onto the streets.